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The War Of Gargantuas ( Frankenstein's Monster Sanda Vs Gaira)

50th-anniversary edition 

Billiken Shokai 

An uncolored soft vinyl assembly kit of Sanda and Gaira that appears in the Toho special effects movie "Frankenstein's Monster Sanda vs. Gaira".

The crisis from the mountains to the sea! Great Tokyo is the battlefield of death

material: Soft vinyl
measure: Overall height of Sanda: Approximately 310 mm / Overall height of Gaira: Approximately 300 mm
molding color] Sander: Ocher / Gaira: Green
Prototype production: Masao Fukuda

Assembly & color required 


《Prototype creator, Masao Fukuda》
Born in Tochigi prefecture in May 1969. Since the age of 20, he has been involved in various modeling jobs such as movies, TV, events, and product prototypes as a special modeling artist.
He made his debut as a prototype master of Billiken Shokai in this work.
Please enjoy the pose devised by Mr. Fukuda, who dared to stop the big movement and finished it with a "quiet" image so that it can be established by itself.



山から海から襲い来る危機! 大東京は死の決戦場!をご体感ください!!

[サイズ]サンダ全高:約 310mm/ガイラ全高:約300mm

1969年 5月 栃木県出身。20歳から特殊造形家 として、映画、TV、イベント、商品原型など様々な造形の仕事に携わる。


The War Of Gargantuas Sanda Vs Gaira Set model kit サンダ対ガイラ

SKU: MK0000000036
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