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Kousoku Esper

1:6 scale 30 cm scale size 

material vinyl 

Made In japan 


Back Story : 

Kousoku Esper (1967)
by Senkosha

Publication date 1967
Topics Japan, Action, Adventure, Aliens, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction
Language Japanese
Toshiba (yes, THAT Toshiba) also had a hand in this.

The story begins with a young boy Hikaru Azuma (Kiyotaka Mitsugi) and his parents who are enjoying a balloon ride.
Suddenly their balloon explodes and they crash into the forest leaving Hikaru’s parents dead.
We find out the balloon collided with an alien spacecraft from Andromeda.
The friendly aliens known as Esper Seijin (Alien Esper),
feel bad for what they have done and possess the bodies of Hikaru’s parents so the boy is not left alone. 
The Espers/Hikaru’s parents are very aware of an impending invasion by the Giron Seijin (Alien Giron) 
who want to conquer our planet. Meanwhile, Professor Asakawa of the Atomic Research Institute 
is designing a super jet suit, but can’t quite figure out how to complete it. 
The Espers use telepathy to give the Professor the knowledge he needs to finish the super suit, 
and thus creating the Light Speed Esper.

Identifier kousoku-esper-1967
Scanner Internet Archive 


Kousoku Esper Maquette 1:6 光速エスパー完成品

SKU: MQ0000000017
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