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A set of two jumbo soft vinyl figures of "Black Sun" and "Shadow Moon" appearing in "Kamen Rider BLACK SUN", which is being distributed on Prime Video.

Made of soft vinyl with a total height of about 30 cm. Taking advantage of the large size, we reproduced the shape of the details as much as possible.

In addition, this "Confrontation Set" adopts the luminous color of the compound eyes that change according to heightened emotions.
In "Black Sun", the bright red eyes that emerge from the whole black body.
"Shadow Moon" expresses green compound eyes that appear suspiciously on a silver mask.

It also comes with a "character plate" exclusive to Premium Bandai!

Please enjoy the unique size and nostalgic and solid presence of soft vinyl as an adult interior.

【set content】
・ Kamen Rider BLACK SUN 1 body
・ Kamen Rider SHADOWMOON 1 body
・Premium Bandai Limited “Character Plate” 1 piece

[Product size]
・Overall height about 30cm

[Product material]


プライムビデオで配信中の『仮面ライダーBLACK SUN』に登場する「ブラックサン」と「シャドームーン」のジャンボソフビ2体セットが登場。





・仮面ライダーBLACK SUN 1体
・仮面ライダーSHADOWMOON 1体




Kamen Rider Black Sun Vs Shadow Moon 1:6 scale 30cm Figure Set Sofubi

SKU: SV0000000046
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